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The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong) Al-Baqarah 2:185

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love and mercy in Ramadan and always, insha'Allah: a journal entry by MWA's Zabrina Abu Bakar

It's clear to see Zabrina's father enjoyed his hug.
One of the things that I miss so much is to give my dad his 5-point kiss and a big hug.

Yes, I have a way to kiss and hug him every time I entered his home or saw him, when I would say goodbye, when I asked his forgiveness after every prayer, when I apologized for upsetting him, and when I thanked him for every wonderful thing he ever did for me.

My sister always joked around saying that I have this 'disease', that if I don't leave my dad immediately after doing my 5 point kiss, I would have to repeat it again, just so it would be the last thing I did before parting from his company. And to her dismay (and now delight!), my 'disease' has now successfully been transferred to all her children, too, when they kiss her (which I must say I am very happy to know).

What compelled me to offer my dad this 5-point kiss and a big hug, was because my he was a very loving dad. He had no fear of expressing his emotions and feelings despite being a man, a father, a brother, an uncle.

He kissed and hugged all his us, his children, his grandchildren, his sisters, his brothers, his nieces and nephews. Of course, we girls were hugged much more than the boys.

My dad always reminded me of the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon Him), about a man who never kissed his 10 children, and how important it is to show mercy so that we will be given mercy by God.

The last time 5-point kissed my dad and gave him a big hug was just before his face was covered for the final time; before performing the solat jenazah. A last kiss and hug that I will never forget.

Sis Zabrina and her son, Tariq.
And now, I am teaching my Tariq to give me the 5-point kiss.

It is indeed an indescribable joy to have his tiny lips pecking my forehead (point 1), my two cheeks (point 2 and 3), my nose (point 4) and finally my chin (point 5), and getting a big hug, his short arms outstretched to catch me in his embrace.

I pray that my dad felt the same joy when I shared this 5-point kiss and hug with him throughout the years.

To all my family and friends who remain blessed to enjoy the company of loved ones who remain in their midst, do try to physically express your love for them through the simple language of love; a kiss and a hug. 

I learned from my dad that simply saying the words, "I love you" are not enough, but are solidified when accompanied by actions that transcend mere words.

Sis Zabrina is an author, columnist, speaker and humanitarian activist from Malaysia. Her bestselling Islamic Motivational Book Series, Life is an Open Secret - Think About It; Life is an Open Secret - You, Me, and We; and, Life is an Open Secret - Ramadan Special.

The Life is an Open Secret book series were nominated for The International Prize for King Faisal Literature Award for Islamic Studies 2009.

Sis Zabrina writes motivational and Inspirational stories for reflection of hearts and minds. As a Life-Storyteller, Sis Zabrina observes life's daily happenings and the realities of life; thinking and reflecting upon them, while looking for solutions that are grounded in spirituality. Her motto is always that Islam is easy to follow, simple, relevant and complete. 


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