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Monday, July 22, 2013

My dad on how to be a transporter of goodness: a journal entry by MWA's Zabrina Abu Bakar

This morning, my heart saddens as I fill up a donation brochure of one of my favourite NGOs to join their Ramadan donation drive.

I remembered years back, when I first wanted to help them out, I filled up this similar brochure and then asked my dad if he knew the location of the address as stated on the brochure. At that time, online banking was not available and I don't like posting my cheques in mails.

'Yes, I know this place. Its near to our home. Let me send it for you..' he said.

'No dad, its ok... I just wanted to find out the location. And I don't want to trouble you..' I told him.

'Its alright. I want to do it. You don't have much time to spare. Plus at least I will be able to get some reward from Allah as the transporter of your donation cheque..' came his answer.

His answer stumped and left me speechless.

This was my father. He was always looking for ways to get rewards and benefits. Not from the creation, but from His Creator. He was always able to see beyond the surface of things in life and was always finding ways seeking His Love and Blessings.

Last week, my beloved sister told me how our dad always reminded her to always find ways to do donation..

'Even if it is 10 cents a day... even if its a smile... even if its a kind word to someone.... even if it is to remove someone's sadness... even if its a listening ears... even if it is to remove a stone from the road...' he used to tell her...

' donate, either your money, your time, your word, your anything.... it doesn't matter... just remember to donate every single day...'

My dad has not only been my cheque transporter, but he has been helping me out in so many other charitable work when he was alive.

And right now, my beloved brother, as offered himself to be my new cheque transporter.

And although online banking is now available, I will not use it just so that my brother could gain His Reward and my father could continue receiving his rewards from God for thru my brother ...

To my dad, my beloved cheque transporter- may God shower you with His Love you seek so much when you were still alive and may you rest in peace with your Creator.

To my family and friends, let us strive to always grab the opportunity to be a 'cheque transporter' or a transporter of charity and goodness of any kind, God Willing...'

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