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The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong) Al-Baqarah 2:185

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

MWA asks: what is it about Ramadan and fasting that you particularly enjoy?

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I'll kick-start the post, and as some of you may already know, I oftentimes lean toward a touch of humor, so this is something silly that popped into my head one evening in Ramadan as I started to peel the toppings off a pizza that just arrived for suhoor. One of the reasons I might particularly enjoy the fasting aspect of Ramadan is that: I have food issues to start with! lol

Food. It bothers me to spend money buying it. It bothers me to spend time putting it away. It bothers me spending time to prepare it. It REALLY bothers me having to clean up after preparing it! And it UBER bothers me that all of that money, time and effort are consumed within 5-10 minutes from the start of eating it! AND THEN!!! And then we flush it down the toilet!!!! WTH?!?!

In the first week I was trying to make iftar and suhoor a little more photo-op-ish (lol) (for the MWA Ramadan blog's photo section), but as Ramadan rolled along this month, iftar's began to slim down to a mug of tomato or lentil soup, a handful of jelly beans (what! no dates?!), a cup of coffee and a tall glass of water (or two) before jumping out the door to pray Isahah and taraweeh. For suhoor, now maybe I'll eat a little more since I went light on the iftar, but light is the pattern that seems to be working best for me going into the second half of Ramadan.

On the serious side, subhan' seems I have enjoyed listening Quran more than ever, and I have particularly enjoyed visiting different masjids for taraweeh prayers.

Last, but not least, helping maintain the MWA Ramadan blog has really helped keep me focused on the essence of this Holy Month. Al-hamdulillah. And I'm so grateful for the contributions of MWA's members. Salute!

Here's what some of the other sister members of MWA shared:

Saba N Taylor: Honestly, I like the first drop of water at iftar, that first drop that fills you with life again and reminds you of Allah's mercy and blessing. I also enjoy the peace and quiet as tv, radio and other forms of distraction is cut out and replaced with qur'anic recitation. I especially enjoy cooking for family and friends who have been fasting.

Fahmida Sultana: What I like is how we are living proof of the ayat that Allah told us to fast to have tawqa. It spiritually, physically and mentally revives me. I emphasize on everything extra because of the blessing of this month and how Merciful Allah is. It makes me more aware of the signs and how our life is so limited. It is something that our beloved prophet practiced and the companions and many other Muslims in the past and we are copying that. It makes me more deep and reflective. Also an opportunity to hold circles, get close to family and the Quran and Allah; to re-evaluate why I'm here.

Isahah Janette Grant: If I had to pick one thing that I like most about Ramadan I'd have to say reading the Qur'an. Each year I learn more and understand more on a deeper level and am revived and reinvigorated by it; if I can pick two then I would have to say getting up to prepare suhoor and praying fajr in jumaat with my family is second, especially as I witness the growth in the children and in my son in particular who is the oldest and gets better and better at fasting and getting up in the morning, it is a true delight and fills me with gratitude to Allah Ta'aala.

Muslimah Poetess: Subhaanallah! What can you probably say about a month where the monsters are chained and the angels surround? How can mere words even do justice to talk about a period where hides a night better than thousand months? SubhaanAllah!

The breath taking ride of tranquility, goodness, joy and peace that your hearts take in this blessed month is just unexplainable! EVERYTHING about this blissful month is so beautiful Subhaanallah!

Right from the early Suhoors to the barakaah filled Iftars, the tranquility that fills your soul, delight that encompasses all the happiness in those long Qiyams is something that we cant even comprehend!

I am awestruck at the thought that how Awsomely generous is Al - Azeez who gave us these 30-days with Rahma, Maghfirah a chance to be free from Hell Fire.

A chance to be a new YOU, a beginning of a fresh season, an opportunity to get rid of the past sins, a starting point of all together a fantastic change and an everlasting one Insha Allah!

But most of all, the one thing that I can't have enough is DEFINITELY the Taraaweeh time, from the fascinating recitation of the Imam that spills sakeenah every where in the Masjid, to the miraculous ayaahs that's worth pondering. Every time an ayah is recited, it connects, it hits hard, going deep and touching the chords of every heart! You can't resist but shed tears at the heart wrenching dua's that's made with all hands raised towards the sky, hoping for his Mercy to come down ALLAHUAKBAR!

All-in-all it's a wonderful and joyous experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with the your sister in deen; praising, asking, pleading and prostrating to one LORD who created, fed, clothed and guided in this not so amazing world!

In short, it's a month of revival, redemption and forgiveness so I can't help but wish that Ramadan never leaves! Sigh! Taqaballaha minna wa minkum.

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